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eCompanion is a state of the art, robust, Internet-based tool to enhance classroom instruction. It provides Rutgers educators with "power tools" in support of classroom teaching. It enables you to easily supplement traditional classes with online communication tools and academically sound content. You can make important student information accessible "anytime, anywhere," and significantly increase interaction and access to course materials

eCompanion works through the creation of an online course "shell". This shell is set up to accompany your face to face course. The instructor populates the shell with information and links. Highly flexible and intuitively easy to use, it requires no knowledge of html, can be modified in moments, and offers a wide array of tools such as announcements, group-mailing, chat rooms, automated test building, gradebook, supplementary course material uploading, document sharing, student homework drop boxes, threaded discussions, and Webliography.

Professor Jack Levy's political science class
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eCollege® CMS and Support Services Both Awarded Best in Category in IMS GLC Learning Technology Satisfaction and Trends Report
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